Interactive Case-Based Flip Learning Tool

School of Medicine, University of Tasmania


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  • Case-Based Flip Learning Tool

    Welcome to Interactive Case-Based Flip Learning Tool, through which we will provide you with easy real-world case creation, case resolutions, and evolutionary case-based learning services for virtual patient. Using this tool, you will be able to practice of real-world case before attending the actual CBL class.

  • Royal Hobart Hospital

    Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH) is the largest and major teaching hospital of Tasmania which is located in the Hobart CBD, Tasmania, Australia. It is is Australia's second oldest hospital and first began serving the Hobart community in 1804. It works closely with the University of Tasmania and other institutions.

  • University of Tasmania

    The University of Tasmania has a growing reputation as one of Australia’s foremost teaching and research institutions. With a history spanning almost 125 years, the university is ranked in the top ten research universities in Australia and in the top two per cent of universities in the world.

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